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Permanent residence or domicile in Království Did you get into a situation where you rent or sell your property, where you previously had permanent residency and now you do not know where to place your permanent residence? We offer a credible permanent address in Království, including mail forwarding.
This solution is ideal for people who want to place their permanent residence at the seat of the municipality and act as untrustworthy, for people who are afraid of visiting the executor, etc. Price 5940 CZK without VAT per 5 years.
  • Цена с НДС99,- в месяц
категория аренда
тип квартиры квартира-студия (однокомнатная квартира с кухонным уголком)
примечание к цене Bez DPH
общая площадь 1  (м2)
номер 446
населенный пункт Šluknov

полезная площадь 1  (м2)

погреб нет

класс энергетической эффективности G - чрезвычайно неэкономичный

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