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Foundation headquarters in Prague 4, only 199 CZK per month The establishment of headquarters in Prague 4
The package includes:
Designation headquarters company name and identification number.
We guarantee the fulfillment of all legal requirements required by the legislation of the Czech Republic for the seat of the company.
Prices are transparent and the final! No hidden charges. These prices guaranteed.
Contracts for emerging companies and prior to entry into the OR. Short-term contracts of one year.

We sure prestigious virtual office company to all the aforesaid. We maintain a limited number of companies on our addresses are not kept +1000 companies. As one of the few in the market we are trying to address not fit the company widely known and thus maintain its prestige.
  • Ціна з ПДВ199,-
Вид акції Оренда
Тип комерційного простору Віртуальний офіс
Примітка до ціни Cena 11940 Kč bez DPH při platbě na 5 let
Загальна площа 20  (m2)
Номер 320
Округ Praha

Корисна площа 20  (m2)
Забудована площа 20  (m2)

Гараж Ні
Стоянка Ні


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