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Foundation headquarters in Prague 1, only 499 CZK per month designation headquarters company name and identification number
receipt of documents sent to the company address
ensure contact with the public companies and state authorities
enabling business meetings at the company for its business management
In Prague 1 will be your prestige office work
In Prague 1 a much greater possibility of concluding transactions and potential clients
In Prague 1 can be calculated with less human envy - use the anonymity of big city
In Prague 1 can be expected to lower the administrative burden associated with minor problems
  • Цена с НДС499,- в месяц
категория аренда
тип коммерческого помещения офис
общая площадь 1  (м2)
номер 80
населенный пункт Praha

полезная площадь 1  (м2)
площадь застройки 1  (м2)

гараж нет
парковка нет